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What is LMA Learning Management and Authoring Tool

With LMA you can create e-learning courses without the need to use complicated authoring software. LMA is designed for teachers without programming skills. You can combine simple multimedia elements like text, image, sound, video and create a SCORM compatible course. The lesson can be delivered to your students through any e-learning platform or by a simple web site. You can also distribute the lesson you created, by email to the end users; they can view the content with any web browser - no specific player is needed.

LMA offers support for your Interactive Whiteboard.

You can easily add the powerful Conceptum Whiteboard Toolbar to your content, thus integrate your e-learning content with your Interactive Whiteboard.

LMA is also an editor for web courses. Web courses are a group of individual lessons. A lesson is defined as “A meaningful division of learning that is accomplished by a student in a continuous effort -- that is at one sitting”.

A lesson consists of a series of frames that are organized in sequences. A frame can contain a set of multimedia elements: text, images, sound, video, flash, quizzes etc.

To start using the LMA is this simple. Just open the application and create a new lesson in minutes.

A basic lesson template is automatically created and you can add sequences and frames to create and enhance your lessons.
Add images, text and even sound or video in every frame by simply browsing your folders.

LMA allows the reusability of the content created in the past.
You can import parts of already created lessons to a new lesson.
Exchange lessons with your colleagues and create templates for future use.

Designed to be used by teachers with no programming skills!

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