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The basic features of LMA Tool are:

  • Create e-learning lessons and Interactive Whiteboard lessons with just a few clicks.
  • Easy to use. No special computer skills are required.
  • Create flash-based e-content that is viewable with any browser. No special player needed.
  • Compose your Interactive Board content easily .
  • Add the provided powerful Conceptum Whiteboard Toolbar which is board independent.
  • Use your lessons on any kind of Interactive Whiteboard or with any Web Browser.
  • Extract your Interactive Board content as SCORM compliant e-learning lessons and share or distribute it.
  • Reuse the content created by your team.
  • Easily use and expand the Library of your content.
  • Include easily quizzes of several types with a click.
  • Supports modular and integrated production. Exchange lessons or parts of a lesson with other users.
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Transfer your teaching skills into e-learning courses with LMA, in a quick and simple way.

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